When the universe flips a coin, will it ever stop spinning?

About The Comic

The above picture was drawn in 1999 -- thirteen years ago, now. The product of not paying attention in Physics class, I suppose...but this comic is even older than that. The Mariposa Revelation began as a birthday present for my best friend at the time, Hillaire, in 1997. Slowly I began to incorporate more of my friends...Patrick, Cynthia...and the Mariposa Revelation was born. I was 14. I had at first meant for it to be a short comic, but before I knew it, I was a senior with a finished 500-page comic book I kept in a big black binder and carried about wherever I went. The year I started college, I flipped fondly through the story again and decided it was ...let's be nice and say 'incomplete'. Certain things didn't make sense and the story didn't connect. Of course, I had written the entire thing idea by idea, so it wasn't that surprising -- but I decided to redraw it, using the original as an outline. Hooray!

About the Author

Nat, 29, is way too old to be bothering with this crap. She's worn many hats, mostly working with Japanese language in one way or another throughout her professional career but always setting aside some time for the arts. She is a linguistic hobbyist, with experience in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Italian. She also enjoys playing videogames and the violin and pestering her boundlessly patient husband. Yay!

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